Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

Mata e Jaan Hai Tu, written by the renowned novelist Farhat Ishtiaq, is an Urdu socio-romance novel that tells the timeless love story of a young couple. This novel is a beautiful journey that takes you through the intricacies and depth of love.

First published in 2010, Mata e Jan Hai Tu quickly became popular among Urdu readers across the country. The story was so well-received that it was adapted into a television series by HUM TV with the same name, which was an instant hit.

The novel’s story revolves around two central characters, Ibaad and Hania. They are deeply in love with each other while studying at Columbia University. They get married against the wishes of Ibaad’s father, resulting in his father disowning them.

As human beings, we all crave love and affection, and this novel’s story takes you on a journey that makes you feel and experience love up close. The writer has beautifully portrayed Ibad Aziz’s character, making it impossible not to fall in love with him. When we see how Haniya and Ibad beautifully depict their love, it makes us wonder if anyone can love someone so intensely.

The novel’s breathtaking portrayal of various locations, such as New York City, Columbia University Campus, Coffee Shops, Parks, and Bookshops, is another beautiful aspect of this book. The vivid descriptions make you feel like you are living and breathing with the characters as you read along.

Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Conclusion

Mata e Jaan Hai Tu is a timeless romantic Urdu novel that takes you on a beautiful journey of love and affection. Written by Farhat Ishtiaq, this novel has become a fan favorite since its first publication in 2010. The story of Ibaad and Hania is so brilliantly depicted. You can’t help but fall in love with them.

For those who enjoy reading romantic Urdu novels, Mata e Jan Hai Tu is a must-read. The novel’s popularity has made it one of the best Urdu novels out there. You can easily download Urdu novels pdf of Mata e Jan Hai Tu.

Overall, this book is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a heartwarming love story. So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and give this novel a read – it won’t disappoint!

Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaqpdf download
Mata E Jaan Hai Tu Novel By Farhat Ishtiaq

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