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Baba Yahya Khan is the creator of the book Piya rang Kala Pdf. Yahya Khan has written the book in his own unique style. He narrates his personal story using simple language. The book isn’t an autobiography or a novel. is an autobiography. It’s as a mixture of both. The author mentioned a few bizarre characters and events in the book.

Baba Yahya Khan is a Sufi scholar writer, spiritualist, and writer who wrote some outstanding books. He was able to spend a lot of time with Ashfaq Ahmad and Bano Qudsia. Yahya Khan is very satisfied with Ashfaq Ahmad. I hope that you will enjoy reading the novel Piya Rang Kaala pdf and recommend it to your friends.

Piya Rang Kala Conclusion

Baba Yahya Khan’s book Piya Rang Kaala is a unique blend of autobiography and novel. With simple language and his personal experiences, the author takes the readers on a journey with some bizarre characters and events. As a Sufi scholar and writer, Yahya Khan was able to spend time with prominent writers like Ashfaq Ahmad and Bano Qudsia, and he speaks highly of Ashfaq Ahmad.

Piya Rang Kala is a thought-provoking novel by Baba Yahya Khan that tells his personal story in a unique blend of autobiography and fiction. With simple language and vivid imagery, the author takes readers on a journey filled with bizarre characters and events. This book is a must-read for those interested in exploring the spiritual and philosophical aspects of life.

Piya Rang Kala By Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan
Piya Rang Kala By Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan

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